IT Solutions

Whether you are a small business looking for a phone system or a large datacentre looking to virtualise servers to save rackspace and money, we can cater for all your needs.

Virtualisation with VMWare

VMWare is the global leader in datacentre virtualisation and cloud technologies. Many businesses are challenged by the limitations of using traditional servers, which are designed to run only one operating system and application at a time - Datacentre technicians are forced to use more rackspace and power to run these traditional servers.

Virtualisation uses software to simulate hardware to virtual machines allowing multiple operating systems and applications to be hosted on the same server.

Save with Nimble Storage

Traditional SANs would be filled with many spinning disks which would eventually turn into many SANs squeezed into a rack to keep up with your businesses data storage. With limited read/write speeds and limited IOPs, you may soon outgrow this solution.

Nimble's deduplication and up to 2x data compression with VMWare will maximise the amount of storage you have, along with sub second read/write times to support your infrastructure.

Cisco Meraki Networking Solutions

Cisco Meraki brings the benefits of Cisco's powerful networking and cloud together to core, distribution, access and branch networks. It delivers easy to manage firewalls, switching and wireless appliances to businesses who are looking to reduce their network operational cost.

Cisco Meraki was designed and built from the group up for cloud networking technology, allowing network administrators to manage and monitor even the most remote branch offices.

Veeam Backup and Replication

Veeam Backup and Replication uses server virtualisation, modern storage and cloud infrastructure to provide availability to businesses in the event of data loss or a DR situation through backing up and replication of virtual servers. Veeam aims to delivery recovery time and point objectives of sub 15 minutes for all applications.

Veeam provides fast and reliable recovery of virtualised servers and data, bringing together Backup and Replication into a single solution for VMWare vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V.


Build your business upon Microsoft technologies to allow centralised management, ease of use and compatibility across all your servers and applications. The powerful Windows Server operating system along with advanced features such as Active Directory and Group Policy will give you a sense of security that your data is safe.

The Windows Desktop operating system directly integrates with Windows Server allowing ease of management between systems.

3cx VoIP

Cut the costs of managing your internal phone system and cut down on the amount of call charges by switching to a 3cx (VoIP) Voice over IP solution. VoIP works by utilising your existing internet connection to route calls to the traditional telephone network. A VoIP phone system could cut your phone bill in half and give you many more advanced features.

Increase productivity by allowing employees to work from anywhere, from home or with iOS and Android apps. 3cx can scale from 1 user extension to thousands of extensions so it can even scale with your business.