Loxone Home Automation

The average home has many different systems and appliances in place, which can include lighting, heating, security and AV systems. The dilemma is that all these systems are controlled individually by switches, remote control or motion sensor and cannot communicate with each other.

Within a Smart Home, all the different systems and appliances can work together from a central, intelligent server. From basic switches and off-the-shelf devices, to the likes of your PV inverter, everything can be combined into a single smart system. This means that a single motion sensor or switch could control not just lighting, but also the alarm system, heating and music.


Control your home lighting at any time, from anywhere in the world through the app. If you don't have your mobile device handy, you could also use the wall switch or motion sensor. Use multiple dimmable and colour changing lighting scenes to suit your current mood, if you're cooking or if you're entertaining guests. At the touch of a button you can create the ideal atmosphere with colours and lighting levels of your choice.

Another day is drawing to a close and the weary sun is starting to sink behind the clouds. Inside the house, the lights begin to fade up as dusk falls. Once it's past bedtime, the lights will switch off automatically. Should anyone get up to use the bathroom between 11pm and 6am, the lights are activated at 50% brightness to prevent that horrible dazzling glare that disturbs your sleep.


In a traditioinal home, the one thermostat will be used to measure and regulate the temperature for the whole house meaning you don't get a true reflection for each room. In your Smart Home, every room will always be at the correct temperature for yourself, the intelligent heating system learns how long each individual room takes to heat up to ensure you are comfortable, whilst also saving energy.

Integrating the heating system with your blinds, allows the system to control the shading within the room on hot days and stop the heat from escaping during the winter.

Burglar Alarm

Avoid having to purchase a seperate alarm panel and keep your home and family sage by integrating your security system with the rest of your home. Integration with the rest of your home such as motion sensors, door/window contacts, lights and sound system is easy, along with giving you the flexibility of completely personalising your security system

Audio & Music

Your favourite music can be played throughout your home or individually controlled room by room just by using a switch on the wall, your mobile device or a wireless remote. Stream directly from FM, Internet Radio, Spotify or your own personal collection.

Integrate your music system with a smart doorbell, smart alarm clock or burglar alarm to control all your systems from a central point.

Blinds & Shading

In your smart home, your blinds will be automatically controlled and will always know what to do during certain points of the day. When morning comes, you will be awoken by natural light and the heat from the sun will be used to heat your home. Later in the day, blinds can automatically shade rooms to keep them cool and then automatically close at dusk.

Energy Management

View your homes energy usage at the touch of an app, viewing your current energy production, usage from the power grid and how much energy your home is consuming. This helps you make the most of the electricity you produce yourself and save energy in every possible area.

During the day, you can specifically use the energy specifically generated by your home (e.g solar panels) to run appliances - At night you can set standby devices to be switched off to reduce power.

Integration Examples

Make your life easier and allow your smart home control how your home reacts to certain aspects of your life. During the winter when you have a 7AM wake up call, set your smart alarm clock via your smart phone or tablet and let your home worry about the rest. At 6:30AM your home will start to heat up to a cosy 21c ready for you to wake up, at 7AM your favourite Spotify playlist plays from the smart music server and the blinds stay shut as it's dark outside. The bedroom lights switch on at only 50% brightness so you're not dazzled when you wake up, with the bathroom lights switching on at 70% brightness. At 7:10AM the bathroom towel rail switches on ready for you to finish showering, with the lights slowly fading to 100% brightness to slowly wake you up.

As you leave the house, you press one switch which automatically turns off the music, lights, heating and turns on the burglar alarm for you. The door contact sensors, windows sensors and motions sensors are now your burglar alarm which are also integrated with many other areas of your home, with an alert immediately pushed to your phone if the alarm is triggered.

Again, your home knows that you usually arrive home around 6:30PM on a weekday so your home is already at a cosy 21c when you arrive home. As you open the front door, you hang up your keys using a magnetic ID tag which lets your home you're back while disabling the alarm and activating the lights. You're now getting ready for a small party you're having in your home, pressing one button switches your home lighting to a "Party Scene", dimming the lights to 40% and turning on the colour changeable LED's you have around your home to a cool light blue colour, while playing your party playlist through the music server to provide a relaxing mood to your guests.

Later, when the guests have left and you're ready for bed, click a button which will shut down your home, turning off the lights, music and setting the heating to a cool 18c ready for the next day.

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